Sunday, January 20, 2008

>>>>> the BoomBox Rox >>>>>

And now....the moment we've all been waiting for.......the Commercial Crazy BoomBox playlist!!!!! Here are the commercials for each song:
1. Lust for life -- Royal Carribean Cruiseline
2. Click, click, click -- Sony Digital Camera
3. The thanks I get -- Volkswagen
4. I want you so hard --
5. Such great heights -- UPS whiteboard
6. All that I want -- JC Penny
7. Family Affair -- Propel Fitness Water
8. Rock me gently -- Jeep Liberty
9. The way I am -- Old Navy
10. Our Country -- Chevy
11. Galvanize -- Budweiser
12. Stars -- Cadillac
13. The Funeral -- Ford Edge
14. Coffee shop -- A Diamond is Forever
And the winner is................Jennifer Findlay!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! Send me your addy, and I'll send you some Sweet Spuds Luv. A big thank you to all those who sent in an entry, you guys rock the BoomBox!!!! Thanks for playing!!!!


I've almost got the PreOrder page ready to upload, just putting on the finishing touches. Did I mention all the cool vintage trinkets and hot embellies in this kit? Ooooo, and the zebra stripes and hearts and bling cherries......I lurve it!!!!


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